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      Water. Capsule Case. Photo credit Emiliano Arano.


      The Capsule Case is made with reclaimed ocean plastic. We believe in making smart choices and that means using what we already have - the endless plastic that is polluting our oceans and marine life.

      Each Capsule Case is made with Oceanworks reclaimed ocean plastic that has been pulled from waterways, processed and recycled for sustainable manufacturing. Oceanworks is the largest global marketplace for sustainable materials. They have reimagined global supply chains, logistics, materials, and traceability so we, and you, can be confident in the supply chain. 

      Today more than 250 million tons of plastic becomes waste every year and the reality is that less than 10% is recycled, a fraction of the commercial potential. Together, we are doing something about it.

      When you purchase the Capsule Case, you are also helping to clean up our oceans. Shop now.