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      What is the Capsule Case?

       The Capsule Case is the most coveted make-up case on the market. 

      Who makes the Capsule Case?

       Capsule Goods, based in Toronto, Canada, makes the Capsule Case.

      What is the Capsule Case made of?

       The Capsule Case is made of reclaimed ocean plastic. That is plastic that has been used and then dumped into our waterways. We work with an organization that ethically removes plastic from oceans and turns it into pellets for manufacturing.

      Where is the Capsule Case made?

       The Capsule Case is designed and founded in Toronto, Canada, manufacturing in China, and made with material sourced from waterways world-wide.

      Where do you ship?

       We currently ship to Canada and the US. If you are in another country and would like to purchase the Capsule Case, please contact us at and we will see what we can do!

      What is your return policy?

       Our full return policy can be found here.

      How do I contact customer service?

       Please click here to contact customer service.